MathSecret offers great benefits for students, parents, and teachers.

Students, age 3 and 4: Material designed to teach Toddlers basic math counting and simple addition/subtraction.

Students, age 5 and 6: Including basic math, addition/subtraction, simple multiplication/division, and introduction to problem solving.

Students, age 7 to 12+: basic math, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, problem solving.

Parents: Parents are able to access limited lessons.  This will help parents understanding the materials being learned by their children.  Parents are also able to monitor their children’s performance and progress, including receiving automatic updates and more!

Teachers: With the help of MathSecret’s online learning system, teachers will be able to teach students with better efficiency.  Students will be able to review lessons online at home, homework will be automatically assigned, quizzes and tests are automatically graded, and advancements are automatically issued to students.  Teachers will receive daily updates on students progress, and giving teachers the flexibility to change student’s learning level to customize student progress.  With MathSecret Online Learning System, each student within the same class can now progress at different speed, allowing teachers to focus attention on slower students.