1. What is MathSecret?
2. Who is the founder or who develop the system of MathSecret?
3. Is MathSecret’s system recognized by the Department of Education or any government agency?
4. How long will it take for a child to learn and apply MathSecret materials?
5. How credible is the system that the child will learn?
6. Is MathSecret compatible to the teaching of the schools here?
7. Please explain how the program will work on the child.
8. Can parents learn also?
9. How are the students being taught online?
10. How can a student enroll?
11. How much is the tuition fee?
12. Are there classes available for MathSecret program?
13. How many hours or how long does a class take?
14. Where is the place to go for a classroom instruction?
15. What are the benefits MathSecret gives to students? What are the benefits that students will obtain from learning MathSecret?
16. How about uniform and other tools needed for the students? What is the cost?
17. What are the differences between MathSecret online instruction and MathSecret LIVE! (in-class) instruction?
18.If your system is online base, how is the progress of the student being monitored?


MathSecret is an award winning mathematics educational program allowing students of all ages to grasp math with ease and ability to calculate at extreme speeds. With support from the United States Department of Education, many governments worldwide, and various private foundations, MathSecret has educated thousands of students worldwide since 1991 and was able to enhance children’s ability to calculate math, improve on memorization skills, cultivate creative thinking, while boost focus levels, building self confidence, and giving children the superior edge in their competitive environment.



MathSecret began in 1991 as a community service program with enhanced method to educate students in mathematics in Cerritos, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Since inception, students enrolled only through referrals by teachers, parents, and friends. MathSecret’s success in the achievement of mathematics education is now in a class of its own and recognized worldwide.



Yes! MathSecret has been in the industry since 1991, sharing their commitment to math education to the community and aiming to help the students across countries and different cultures. Immediately after inception, MathSecret quickly received attention and affirmation from different local and national educational communities. MathSecret’s efforts in math education is recognized by the United States Department of Education for their outstanding commitment and dedication in promoting quality education to children through mathematics and has also received recognition by the County of Los Angeles and The Great Seal of the Great State of California. MathSecret’s effort is also endorsed by California State Board of Education and many other government agencies and city officials worldwide.



MathSecret materials allow easy comprehension of mathematics. Teachers and parents will typically notice results within days. Students will be less afraid of math and demonstrates faster calculation, enhanced confidence, improved focus levels, and much more.



MathSecret program can stimulate the interest of learning math in a fun and interactive way. MathSecret’s students have received superior recognitions from parents, peers, teachers, schools, and organizations not only on their scholastic achievements, but also many superb trait that becomes inherent, unique only to MathSecret students; lifelong benefit MathSecret students obtain from learning our materials.



MathSecret material is compatible with school math learning material. Unlike traditional soroban training, which has many conflicting aspects with standard math teachings. MathSecret has re-engineered its teaching material using school math education requirements. MathSecret students have continued to astonish teachers with their speed of calculation across all schools. Typical confusions caused by old style soroban learning has been eliminated! MathSecret works so well, we are referred by many teachers and parents, and we are certain we can help your youngster to learn math easier too!



MathSecret’s program converts math into a fun learning experience unlike the traditional boring math learning environment. Through the use of internet your child and you can learn MathSecret materials at the comfort of your home and time preference. Students can also progress at their own speed, repeat lessons if needed or advance forward if desired. MathSecret utilizes game based learning to enhance students’ interest and motivation maximizing instant results. MathSecret program stimulates the logical thinking and inspire the brain power of the child.



Make learning MathSecret a family activity. MathSecret encourages parents to learn with their child. We believe learning should be a fun family activity. MathSecret program also allows parents to understand our material and the learning progress of their child.



MathSecret’s award winning online program is a simple and guided instructional course that will provide our students step-by-step learning. Students progress at their own pace, repeat lessons or advancing levels at their individual speed. MathSecret Online Program utilizes various advanced technology in its teachings, from animated lessons, exciting home works, fun quizzes, and stimulating tests; our professionally designed materials will keep children motivated throughout their learning.

In addition, student progress is closely observed by MathSecret. Feedbacks to parents are provided daily via email. Parents are also encouraged to participate in MathSecret Online, learning alongside students; enhancing students learning experience and family values



The parents can enroll their child at our website www.MathSecret.com by clicking the “SIGN UP” button. Parents simply follow the easy step by step process to enroll. FREE materials and discounts are also available online. Please visit website for details.



MathSecret program is designed to meet your demand. Our online courses offers enrollment with flexible terms. Please check SIGN-UP page for free materials, discounts, and various plans.



MathSecret LIVE! are classes designed to further encourage students’ online learning experience. MathSecret LIVE! focuses on math interactions to stimulate students’ learning participation and even enhance self-confidence in math and other subjects.



MathSecret Online—Students will have (1) one hour online class per day. During this hour, students have flexibility in learning lessons, doing homework, practicing quizzes, or taking exams. Students’ performance will be monitored by MathSecret. Parents will be informed of students’ daily performance and progress via email.

MathSecret LIVE!—MathSecret LIVE! students will have (1) hour class once a week. In addition, MathSecret LIVE! students will receive free MathSecret Online. During this one hour MathSecret LIVE! course students will undergo fun filled lessons and learning designed by MathSecret to stimulate and motivate students’ learning of math.



MathSecret is rapidly growing worldwide by popular demand. While growth is important, we understand quality cannot be compromised. MathSecret LIVE! maybe available at a place near you. Please contact us for more information.



MathSecret’s internationally recognized materials enhance the child’s capability to dominate in schools and in any competition. Giving the children the best educational foundation is no longer sufficient for a great future. Many past and current MathSecret students has received exceptional recognition from peers, parents, teachers, schools, and even accepted to world renowned universities.

MathSecret has helped countless students through its highly effective program and methodology by enhancing children’s ability to calculate math, increasing memorization skills, creative thinking while improving focus levels, self confidence, and giving children the superior edge in their competitive environment.



As our program is online based instruction there is no need of uniform to take the class, however, students will receive the necessary materials FREE of charge (check websites for details and discounts).



MathSeret offers two different types of courses that allow flexibility to fit your child’s learning progress and your scheduling demand.

MathSecret Online: MathSecret Online makes perfecting math convenient! Our online education offers flexibility to your schedule and progresses at your own pace. No more following other students’ speed. MathSecret Online Education gives you the capability to repeat exercises or advance at your own discretion. Enrolling MathSecret Online is affordable and easy. And best of all, MathSecret Online also encourages parents to learn side by side with students, improving students learning and enhancing family activities.

MathSecret LIVE! : In addition to our award-winning MathSecret Online Education, we are making the best even better by offering MathSecret LIVE! classes locally, and MathSecret LIVE! may be available at a location near you. Our in-class environment offers you the additional learning and “personal attention” by our MathSecret trained teachers. MathSecret is proud to bring its superior mathematics educational system to you, enriching future opportunities, and empowering MathSecret participants.



MathSecret is highly concerned of its students’ performances. Each student’s progress and online learning details will be forwarded to parents. In addition, MathSecret customer service staffs and various resources will be made available to parents and students for questions and answers.