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MathSecret offers multiple advertising channels suitable for companies marketing to parents, or children age 2 to 12+, or both.

Whether you are building corporate image, launching products, or offering discounts, towards demographics with children or parents with younger children, we can create a suitable solution.

From video advertising to webpage advertising to workbook sponsorship, display advertising or printed materials; in one, multiple, or all countries, advertising with MathSecret will yield you the greatest results.

Best of all, 100% of your advertising dollars will be spent to enhance education! Helping keep children’s education affordable and enhancing quality of education.

If parents and/or children age 2 to 12+ are your preferred marketing demographics, MathSecret can help you build a comprehensive marketing or sponsorship system within your budget!

The following marketing and sponsorship programs are available:

Workbook sponsorship: MathSecret has produced a series of math books for children age 2 and up! Working with guidelines provided by United States Department of Education, our workbook meets and exceeds all criteria! Corporate sponsorship will allow us to keep MathSecret Workbooks affordable. Find out how your products can reap this maximum reward, please contact us immediately!
Online homework, quizzes, tests sponsorship: MathSecret online learning offers many great advantages, for students, they are focused on their math learning with great enthusiasm and attention, and that would be a huge capital for corporate sponsorship, including keeping math education affordable! With students worldwide, we can design programs suitable for your company or product! Whether you are interested in only one country or many countries, MathSecret can be your partner to build a reputable image.
Online learning sponsorship: Sponsor children learning and enhance future of children’s lives! MathSecret will continue to provide FREE learning accounts to students worldwide. Sponsors will enjoy great relationship with individual students via students’ learning!
Video/Trailer advertising:
Banner advertising
Workbook advertising
Email advertising
Coupon/Printed Materials
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Join our crusade to enhance education worldwide! Contact us at has a variety of advertising channels available: