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Mature Adult Math Reflex Program

MathSecret is great for mature adults as well! Learning fun math with use of soroban abacus can be an exciting and effective mind exercise activity.

Enjoying playing math games and learning how this ancient method is still able to inspire children today.

Real Life Experience: MathSecret has a strong base of followers in the 90+ age range. Many elderly uses MathSecret as a way to enjoy their day, learning a new knowledge, understand a unique culture, or tackle something they once feared; MathSecret is fun even for mature adults!


Scenario: Parents, tutors, or teachers using games and abacus to teach very young children via math playing, allowing younger kids the ability to “touch” math numbers using numbers. Embedding their vivid imagination using systematic graphic symbols to enhance future math learning! Using abacus, younger children can easily grasp the concept of numbers and understand numbers with amazing efficiency and lower the math resistance via math games!

Real Life Experience: Parents using MathSecret’s math playing materials to boost fun and increase motivation in math learning for toddlers as young as 2.5 years of age! Many of our children starts math learning at a very young age; this will enable them to feel more comfortable with math in their early school years.


MathSecret has the perfect math material for toddlers’ first math learning. MathSecret is the best way to enhance fun and motivate children in math learning at a young age!


MathSecret has designed a revolutionary material, allowing children between 3 and 5 to start learning math with fun and creativity. MathSecret material is available on traditional media, such as paper and workbook, and via interactive games and media using internet. Using colors, images, and pictures, MathSecret is enhancing toddlers’ learning.

MathSecret can also enhance math learning for children in preschool and elementary.


Scenario: Preschool age children starting math learning has utmost importance! Traditional and boring math materials can derail children interest and result in lack of interest in math for many years to come!

Real Life Experience: Using MathSecret’s fun math learning lessons, children approach math with excitement and maintains longer focus duration while learning math. Preschool children experience faster response to new math lessons and progress faster through lessons.


MathSecret can provide great learning math learning material for students in preschools, kindergartens, and preschool children in home based learning. MathSecret math learning is the most effective in preparation for elementary.

For information about how your preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school teachers can be eligible for scholarship/grant to learn how to teach MathSecret, please check MathSecret Elementary Program.


By incorporating games and fun, MathSecret turns math leaning into exciting and motivating subject. Educational games have been proven to boost perception, increase learning awareness, and excite children’s motivation to learn. Turning math into series of fun activities.

MathSecret can also enhance math learning for toddlers and children in elementary.


Scenario: Elementary students typically find math an “unattractive” subject and exhibits reluctance in math learning. Usually this is caused by boring math learning materials. Math is already boring for most students, teaching math using traditional material simply will only result in greater negative perception in students towards math.

Real Life Experience: MathSecret’s material is creative, fun, and motivational. Using learning tools, creative content, and challenging games, students’ math mind block is removed; allowing students to start gaining a new perspective on math–math is fun! With MathSecret, you too can achieved unbelieveable results in openning up students to math learning, saving them from math desperation!


Plagued by math troubled students? MathSecret can help! MathSecret’s creative materials can rebuild student concept of math from basic foundation. With this enhanced math foundation, students will realize that math is no longer the monster they fear.

With scholarship/grant available from MathSecret Education Foundation, public and private schools can apply for teacher training upon qualification. Eligible school teacher will be trained by MathSecret to teach MathSecret. In addition, MathSecret Education Foundation can also help schools to seek additional funding/grant to support enhance math education.

If you are interested in finding out how your school can benefit via partnership with MathSecret, please fill out an easy online application (select “school curriculum.”)


With MathSecret, children 7 to 12 and up can enjoy a fresh new exciting perspective on math; increasing motivation, uplift interests, and renewed passion on math! MathSecret and its teachers had improved thousands of children’s math grades from opportunistic F to A’s and B’s within a few weeks.

MathSecret can also enhance math learning for toddlers and children in preschool.

Teacher Math Peripheral Knowledge Learning

Helping great teachers teach better! MathSecret can provide a fun, creative, and motivating method for teachers to teach math! Using manipulative math, students can “physically experience” math calculations; maintaining interest levels in learning math! With MathSecret Teacher Math Peripheral Knowledge Learning, teachers will experience an alternative direction and make math more fun for children.

Real Life Experience: MathSecret has helped teachers not just understand their own teaching better, but by offering teachers an alternative and creative method to perform math calculations, many teachers are able to use the knowledge gained to even further enhance their own teaching and motivate their students in math learning.

Participation: MathSecret welcomes teachers, school administrators, and homeschool parents to join Math Peripheral Knowledge Program!

Program being modified… New program launching soon!