Fraud Protection

To protect yourself against fraud, MathSecret will NEVER ask your user name or password via email.  Students may receive homework links via email, however, once clicked, these link will always lead you to pages with domain ends in either or

MathSecret ALWAYS recommends you to not click on suspicious links.  If possible, simply open your browser and enter in our domain ( manually, you will be able to access everything via links on home page.

MathSecret Education Foundation operates the following sites:

Sub-domains under the above are also operated by MathSecret Education Foundation and deemed safe, such as “” or “” or “”

Variation such as or or or others not on the above list are not operated by MathSecret Education Foundation.  Please do not use those sites not listed here!

If you suspect your account security has been compromised, please reset your password immediately here!

Should you receive suspicious emails, please forward a copy to our attention at and please remember to delete the copy in your possession.