Ripple Effect

Since 1991, in addition to the rapid calculation speed and extreme accuracy, we noticed students typically demonstrate the following ripple effects of learning MathSecret.

1. Visualization

2. Concentration

3. Memorization

4. Observation

5. Information Processing

6. Speed Reading and Listening

7. Self Confidence

8. Accepting and Succeeding in Challenges

“Luck is the residue of design.”—Branch Rickey (US baseball player, 1881-1965) Surround your children with enhanced learning of MathSecret and improve their “luck” of achievements and successes in the future! ranks abacus number 2 of top 20 most important tools in terms of its impact on human civilization.



MathSecret adapts the soroban abacus, allowing students to “feel the number” as they calculate math. MathSecret’s training place important aspect in mental math calculation, enabling student to visualize the pearls of abacus being manipulated via their imagination (without the use of soroban abacus.) This increases MathSecret students’ visualization (right brain activity) and enhance students’ “brain power” due to the shortest route for the thought process needed for problem solving is also developed by the right brain (Ms. Kimiko Kawano, Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences).

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Student’s increased ability to visualize pearls (or numbers) moving up and down will ground students’ focus on learning. In addition, by coaching students in progressive achievement, students maintain high level of concentration throughout MathSecret exercise.

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Math is typically a left brain activity. By learning MathSecret, the imagination of MathSecret’s soroban abacus in calculating math mentally actively switched math into right brain activity. Using right brain to memorize the patterns of answers processed. Children’s memorization is effectively improved.

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MathSecret’s training greatly improves the observation skills. With consistent practice, MathSecret students are able to absorb large amount of information within the shortest period of time, our training boosts observation skills. Giving students an ability to observe more and take in more information!

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Information Processing:

MathSecret students’ ability to take in large amount of information within the shortest time superb the students’ ability to process information. This enhances brain reflex to other decision making in the future of students lives, either in school or real world.

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Speed Reading and Listening:

MathSecret’s training also places focus on speed reading. Speed reading will not only improve the listening capabilities, this will also enhance the ability to take in greater amount of information using multiple sensory capabilities, such as touch and listening, compared to other students without MathSecret training.

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Self Confidence:

MathSecret students have the ability to calculate at rapid speed and extreme accuracy. Along with the many ripple effects listed here, MathSecret students are typically tops in their class! Their achievements in school translate to heightened self confidence, allowing a better, happier, healthier, and more optimistic student that is better equipped to take-on challenges in the future!

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Accepting Challenges:

MathSecret student’s greater interest in accepting challenges will open new doors and paths that may enrich students’ lives! Equipping with greater abilities from the multiple ripple effects of learning MathSecret, MathSecret pupils have better odds at not just taking on challenges, but also succeeding on challenges!

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