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“My daughter started first grade. She began learning addition at school. To my disappointment, she could not even do simple math. One time, I was testing her what’s 5+4? she began counting on both hands and couldn’t even give me the answer! I was afraid she had problems with math because she was born prematurely.

Thanks to my sister who have a friend who had sent her children to Mental Math. My sister encouraged me to try the program and it has been 6 months since my daughter joined the program. The result was very surprising, I should say amazing.

With the wonderful result, I should give credit to MathSecret and their instructors.”

mother of Theresa (6 1/2 years old)

“I feel very happy and relax while attending the class. It helps me learning math fast. I past mad minute at school most of the time since I learned mental math.

I think your class is great. I really like the challenge a lot. My favorite part is when I get to a new level, it helps me to get my goal in school at math, which is to get 100% on all the papers of my math exam.

I think it helps everybody and if everybody took it, everybody would get better grades in math.”

(Student) 7years old

“Mental math is something wonderful to learn. I started one year ago. At first, I was very reluctant, but I changed my mind when I saw how much it helped me improve with Math at school. I’m now faster at solving problems and I’m also much more accurate.

The class is very well organized. If you are having problems, the teachers are always willing to help. All the teachers have much patience with the children.

They also have an annual competition that is just as well organized as the class. It brings much excitement to everyone present at the competition. It’s a great experience for the kids and it also raises the kids’ self confidence.”

Michelle W.
Student (age – 11 yrs. old)

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