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“I felt that Mental Math helped me a lot. It help me a lot in calculation especially addition and subtraction.

My division and multipication has also improved. I have learned to do long division and multiplication really well and fast. Mental Math improved my multiplication, addition, subtraction and division.”

Tony L.
Student (age: 10)

“When I was very young ( I think 6 years old ), I took this Mental Math class because my mom wanted to enrich my math at an early age. Sure enough, I was always a Math top student in my classes because of my speed of my calculations that I learned here. My multiplication and division skill soared over to 3 digits in 1st grade!

However, I abruptly quit class at the same time my 5th grade sister quit when I was in second grade. Still, I used my skills from Mental Math to achieve over others. By the end of 6th grade, I realized my need to refine my Mental Math again to tackle the more challenging Math in school. I was once again signed up for Mental Math class to finish where I left off.Because of my past experience, I skimmed all the levels all the way to “Degree” level, which is the hardest.

Once again, I’m being challenged in my Mental Math class. I have the will to work hard and raised my averages to at least 6th degree ( 70% of the 30 problems in 3 minutes). The challenge will give me a good goal to work on, and during the process, learn steps along the way. These procedures will drive my Math skills farther than my classmates can ever imagine once more.

After all these years, I definitely haven’t forgotten what Mental Math has taught me. I can’t put to words all the things that I’d like to say to thank my teachers for their efforts. I recommend this class to anyone who seek better thinking and Math Skills. ”

Gary Y.
Student (age: 13 years old)

“By learning mental math, it is the best way to train their quick reaction ability for the brain, enhance focus in concentration and improve endurance. Besides enhancing children’s ability to calculate math, for daily time spend practicing, developing their responsibility and self-confidence. Due to getting the training in mental math, they improved their performance and enhanced their self-confidence and patience.”

Age: 9 & 7

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