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“I feel that learning Mental Math is very important. It helps you with your concentration, your patience and your Math.

I’ve been in Mental Math class for 6 months. I had learned addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

I also feel Mental Math is very fun especially when you get 120 points. I am now at fourth and I want to reach the top. It is very challenging!”

Brian C.
Student (age: 7 years old)

“I like Mental Math because I like Math and the way my teaher teaches me. At school if one problem is hard, sometimes I use Mental Math. It helps me a lot.”

Nicholas D.
Student (age: 8 years old)

“I love Mental Math because it makes me do Math fast and neat. It also helps me do it good and easy. Thanks to the Math teachers from USIAMMDA. They help students like me in the class.I am the first student in the kindergarten of Shelyn school that can count from 1 to 100. My friends only could count from 1 to 30. Everyone in the school likes me. )”

Student (age: 5 years old)

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