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“I like Mental Math it helps me do Math fast and easy. I got an A plus for Math on my report card. I like Mental Math because I want to be a Math teacher when I grow up. Sometimes I help my classmates in Math. I practice 15 minutes each day. I have been learning for three years. I am 8 years old and I am on 5th place level. I am going to third grade.

On 2002, I got second place. Before I thought Mental Math is boring, but now it is fun. My favorite subject in school is Math. Sometimes you have to get the hang of it. I got the hang of it and that’s why I like Mental Math.”

Mignon H.
Student (age: 8 years old)

“My daughter is better at Chinese than any other classmates, and I am pround of her. As for Math, it had me faint! Such as single digit addition and subtraction, she had to count on her fingers for a long time, but after finishing, there were a lot of mistakes. I dont know how to teach counting numbers, so I decided to ask for the guidance of experts, it is for stimulating her interest in Math and enhance self-confidence, that is why we started our trip to mental math. Although she learned it for only 3 months, i think the speed of counting numbers is fastter than before, and she felt more self-confident. I am very glad I made the correct decision, and made her reach a balanced developement between Chinese and Math. Mental math is not difficult, but you have to learn hard and approach the most pleasant stage by a good teacher and a sustained practice.”

Katherine C.
age: 6 years old

“My daughter thought it was so funny that we participated in mental math class by Ms. Weng for the first time. When she noticed that the kids in front of her did better than her, she would like to count numbers, and it improves concentration and independent thinking. Children like to have the feeling of competition in Testing.

During learning time, sometimes, she would like to learn with smooth moves, but come across difficulities, Ms. Weng and Ms. Wu helped her to find the breakthrough points, and did timely correction if she made mistakes and encouraged her to do better. Every day Vania spends 15 minutes practising mental math for one year, and she is in the level of 6. She is in Grade One in Primary school, and she is good at Math in class.”

Student (age: 6 years old)

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