MathSecret has the following Learning Plans: (eligible for scholarship?)

  • MathSecret Online: No more boring soroban abacus books and workbooks!! Make text books come alive and workbooks fun!MathSecret Online uses computer animated finger movement to enhance student learning and is the best way to solidify student understanding of how to calculate using soroban abacus. Learning soroban abacus calculation is now easy, fun, and exciting! MathSecret Online includes the following features during your online learning period.
  • *  Up to 60 Minutes per day of learning!
    *  Get Unlimited lesson viewings
    *  Unlimited homework
    *  Unlimited quizzes
    *  Unlimited tests
    *  Unlimited lessons and software updates
    *  Unlimited access to “AskTeacher” questions via email (responses typically within a few hours to no more than 24 hours during business operations).
    *  Parents and siblings are welcomed to view and participate in learning!