MathSecret Soroban Abacus mental math Online Learning can be even more effective with Live teachers via internet!

Learn at the comfort of your home or office, or even at hotel on long family vacations… MathSecret Live is wherever you are!*

Student will need to have the following capabilities to use this service:

  1. computer with internet access (high speed above 25o kbps preferred,)
  2. Adobe Flash Program (,)
  3. Digital camera, microphone, and speaker (all must be connected to computer.)
  4. Internet speed test:
  • Your internet speed test of greater than 0.5 Mb/s is preferred on both upload and download.  Slower speed may affect the quality of bi-direction video conversation.
  • Internet speed test can be found at, please select Hong Kong server.  (Hong Kong has a small blue pyramid in south-eastern China on map.)

If you are interested in this service, please fill out the following interest form.  Prior to starting of this service, student registration will be made available to interested registrants first.

****MathSecret Online Learning Update****

This program is not currently available due to internet inefficiencies and lack of high bandwidth in many parts of the world.

Our enthusiasm to provide bridge between passionate teachers and eager students was hindered by speed of internet.  Please stay tuned… we are already working on something better!

Please check back on this page for updates.  [2012/06/01]