Online Learning Plans

Introducing new online learning plans with fun math learning using animated lessons and games!

MathSecret also offer prolonged learning for up to 60 minutes per day:

*  Up to 60 Minutes per day of learning!
*  Get Unlimited lesson viewings
*  Unlimited homework
*  Unlimited quizzes
*  Unlimited tests
*  Unlimited lessons and software updates
*  Unlimited access to “AskTeacher” questions via email (responses typically within a few hours to no more than 24 hours during business operations.)
*  Parents and siblings are welcomed to view and participate in student learning!

Using soroban abacus to convert numbers into graphic symbols is not new science.  MathSecret Online Learning is the first to abandon the boring math books, workbooks, and add fun to abacus math learning.

With animated finger movements, student of all ages can better understand how to perform abacus calculation.

Boring math homework, disgusting quizzes, and nasty tests are a thing of the past too!  MathSecret Online turns these “sleep pilling” activities into fun animated games!  From launching rockets, squashing bugs, catching butterflies, MathSecret Online makes learning math fun!