MathSecret Online Learning Scholarship

MathSecret has scholarship program available for its online learning system. Scholarship is made available byMathSecret Education Foundation.

Eligibility and Program Details:




Military, Law Enforcements* Life Time Learning only Up to $150.00
Fire or Rescue* Life Time Learning only Up to $150.00
Orphans** Project Learning Up to $150.00
Autistic ** Project Learning Up to $150.00

* Scholarship is granted within 30 days of purchase. Qualification required.

  1. Student must provide scanned copy of identification from military, law enforcement, fire, or rescue agency.
  2. Active or retired.
  3. Immediate family members only.
  4. Applicant must have paid for life time online learning via PayPal.
  5. Scholarship grant provided via PayPal only.
  6. More than one per household qualify.
  7. Scholarship for military members is currently eligible only in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Israel, France, and Turkey (if you wish your nation to be eligible, application is required. Please contact us.)
  8. Scholarship program for law enforcement, fire, and rescue is eligible to all countries except North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela.

** Scholarship for orphans is rewarded via orphanages worldwide.  Scholarship for autistic individuals is rewarded via local autistic organizations. Please request these organizations to contact MathSecret directly via Contact.