Scenario: Preschool age children starting math learning has utmost importance! Traditional and boring math materials can derail children interest and result in lack of interest in math for many years to come!

Real Life Experience: Using MathSecret’s fun math learning lessons, children approach math with excitement and maintains longer focus duration while learning math. Preschool children experience faster response to new math lessons and progress faster through lessons.


MathSecret can provide great learning math learning material for students in preschools, kindergartens, and preschool children in home based learning. MathSecret math learning is the most effective in preparation for elementary.

For information about how your preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school teachers can be eligible for scholarship/grant to learn how to teach MathSecret, please check MathSecret Elementary Program.


By incorporating games and fun, MathSecret turns math leaning into exciting and motivating subject. Educational games have been proven to boost perception, increase learning awareness, and excite children’s motivation to learn. Turning math into series of fun activities.

MathSecret can also enhance math learning for toddlers and children in elementary.

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