*MathSecret offers full money back guarantee within 7 days of your signup using MathSecret Online Learning.

MathSecret Online Learning

  • Full refund is eligible within 7 days of payment.
  • Refund is issued via original payment method within 14 days of receiving return package.
  • Refund is based on calendar period, not lessons learned. MathSecret participants understand that online learning is use or lose.

MathSecret LIVE Online Video Teaching

  • Student must withdraw from enrolled course at least 1 hour before first class starts to receive full refund.
  • Refund is issued via payment method within 14 days of enrollment withdraw.
  • Prorated refund is available prior to start of second class.
  • Prorated refund is eligible after second class in the event student suffers extreme sickness, severe physical injury, or death. (official paperwork required.)

MathSecret Local Learning

  • Students and parents understand that MathSecret Licensed Teachers are independent contractors. Each will have their own refund policy. MathSecret is not responsible for refunds on MathSecret Local Learning.
  • MathSecret Licensed Teachers are teachers that understands the use of abacus and passed basic knowledge test to teach others math using MathSecret materials. MathSecret does not warrant, guarantee, and is not liable for teacher’s teaching, behavior, or actions.

MathSecret Warranty

  • MathSecret Basic Dual Color Soroban Abacus:
    • Life-Time warranty. Lift-time is defined as student’s active learning of MathSecret. Coverage include accidental damage of unit. Replacement is only available from MathSecret Education Foundation. Shipping cost/customs duty/local taxes are not covered under warranty and must be prepaid prior to shipping. Life-time warranty is available only when unit is in production. Life-time warranty program will be terminated when unit is discontinued.
    • Must obtain valid RMA number. RMA can be requested using email form on contact page.
    • Return shipping is responsibility of client. Shipping insurance is recommended.
  • Competition Grade Soroban Abacus purchased via MathSecret: 7 days shipping damage warranty. Replacement only, no refunds.
  • MathSecret Big Abacus (Instructor Demo Use): 7 days shipping damage warranty. Replacement only, no refunds.