Soroban Abacus Mental Math Franchise

Soroban Abacus Mental Math Franchise * by MathSecret Education Foundation

Why pay franchise fee to get into your own business of teaching soroban abacus mental math when you can get it for FREE via MathSecret’s Soroban Abacus Mental Math Teacher Certification Program.  YES! You  can teach soroban abacus mental math in your local community using the highly recommended award winning MathSecret material.

Yes, ZERO franchise* fee to teach soroban abacus mental math!!  Only via MathSecret Education Foundation!!!

MathSecret Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focused on enhancing education to children all over the world.

* Technically (and legally speaking), you do not need to “Franchise” from MathSecret Education Foundation to teach soroban abacus mental math to children.  Because MathSecret Education Foundation does NOT operate a Franchise Program (and we NEVER WILL!)  You only need to know your numeric digits (0 to 10 would be enough) and have at least two fingers that can move those little pearls on an abacus (fingers preferred but not required) AND have passion in teaching children AND patience in dealing with demanding parents.  :)  Hence, we can train interested teachers how to teach soroban abacus mental math, rest of the business is YOURS!  MathSecret Education Foundation will NOT need to share your hard earned money, no royalties, no commissions, no advertising fees, no promotional fees, EVER!  Best of all, we will neither inspect your facility, nor will we burden you with any franchise legal paperwork.