Scenario: Parents, tutors, or teachers using games and abacus to teach very young children via math playing, allowing younger kids the ability to “touch” math numbers using numbers. Embedding their vivid imagination using systematic graphic symbols to enhance future math learning! Using abacus, younger children can easily grasp the concept of numbers and understand numbers with amazing efficiency and lower the math resistance via math games!

Real Life Experience: Parents using MathSecret’s math playing materials to boost fun and increase motivation in math learning for toddlers as young as 2.5 years of age! Many of our children starts math learning at a very young age; this will enable them to feel more comfortable with math in their early school years.


MathSecret has the perfect math material for toddlers’ first math learning. MathSecret is the best way to enhance fun and motivate children in math learning at a young age!


MathSecret has designed a revolutionary material, allowing children between 3 and 5 to start learning math with fun and creativity. MathSecret material is available on traditional media, such as paper and workbook, and via interactive games and media using internet. Using colors, images, and pictures, MathSecret is enhancing toddlers’ learning.

MathSecret can also enhance math learning for children in preschool and elementary.

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